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We’re about to tell the world what we do! A little bit anyway:)

1 year in the making, 2years on the brain, we’re ready to tell what we have been working on. Feel free to post comments and discuss what you think about the area in which we are looking to make a dent in the digital universe!

We got bored with email and digital messaging, come on its not really changed much in the last 20 years, and as with everything(except art and antiques!!)we all get bored with the norm. So we developed a revolutionary, amazing new interface with which to use mail and messages, but more so an intelligent system, a personal intelligence engine for every user geared to their personal data.

We’re expecting things to hot up in the coming months as we allow some early adopters into fantoo, in the mean time just go along to and register your interest to be a part of the experience that awaits you!


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