Fantoo Dell’s 1st “Start-up in Residence”

At Dell HQ
Dell HQ UK

Dell announced the two winners of its first ever “Start-up in Residence” competition – Fantoo and iNovar. Both will now work out of Dell’s UK headquarters for a tenancy of two years and one year, respectively, and will become members of the Dell UK Centre for Entrepreneurs Advisory Council, a steering committee that meets regularly to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing entrepreneurs, and hi-tech fast growing businesses.

Each winner also receives a package of business-ready technology solutions, including laptops, desktops, servers, storage and software, and access to invaluable mentorship and global networking opportunities. With office space costing upwards of £25k a year alone in London, the competition has provided both companies with a great opportunity to remove the pressures and stresses associated with running a hi-tech fast growing business, and to focus on their key goals.

Last December, start-ups from across the UK were invited to apply for the competition, with the unique opportunity to remove the burden of costly but necessary investments needed for business growth. The programme was launched as part of the Dell UK Centre for Entrepreneurs, an initiative designed to ease access to finance, technology and networking for British entrepreneurs from early-stage through to established companies.

The winning companies were chosen by a panel of judges including Tim Griffin, vice president and managing director, Dell UK and Ingrid Vanderveldt, Dell’s global Entrepreneur in Residence. Each impressed for a number of reasons including their ability to demonstrate innovation and a clear vision for the future:

Jordan Fantaay, Fantoo founder, said: “Fantoo has strong synergies with Dell as one of the world’s largest IT services company. We’ve dubbed our software the “Future Of Email”® as we truly believe in its potential to transform workplaces. With our business already attracting a significant amount of interest globally, we’re super delighted to have been chosen as one of Dell’s resident start-ups. The level of support they’re providing us with will really help us free up vital resources needed to capitalise on the new opportunities. I’m particularly excited about working with the people at Dell in bringing the Future Of Email® to the business masses”.

Fantoo Dell’s 1st “Start-up in Residence”

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