Productivity & Creativity Slumps.

Break free from productivity & creativity slumps.

Productive idleness. Creativity slumps. Work irritation. It happens to the best of us, but between us all there are two kinds of people; those who seek to overcome these hurdles, and those who accept it and gradually fall down a slippery slope. Want to know a secret? You can regain your productivity and creativity with one simple change.

Why are we so accustomed to coming into work, in the same space, Monday to Friday?  In the 18th century during the industrial revolution, a mechanistic style of work was necessary in order to manufacture goods. Traits of the industrial revolution thus shaped how we work today.

The office developed to represent bringing workers together into a single common space to maximize productivity. But in today’s 21st century we have to break through this idea that work can and should only be done in a single space amongst your peers.

For those of you who have reached a point of diminished productivity, drive, or creativity, cut yourself some slack because it may not just be you! The simple problem may be that you’re stagnant in a repetitive work routine. My suggestion? Step back from your routine and work in a different environment at least once a week. Yes, it can be that simple.

We can’t break from this routine over night, but we are gradually becoming more open to change. In today’s work world, employers are beginning to adapt to a more hands-off approach to managing their employees, more often allowing them to work away from the office. If you’re an employee and haven’t yet had this discussion with your manager – do it! If you’re a manager and haven’t yet explored the advantages of having your employees work away from the office – listen up!

Try working from a coffee shop or a space other than your work or home. Some may already work from home and see it as stepping away from the office – but this doesn’t count! Find a space completely independent from your life’s routine. But why, you ask? Here are 3 reasons:

  1. Working from a different space fuels creativity. Changing your environment brings new stimuli and input thus generating new creative ideas.
  2. Use this time away from the office to get critical tasks done! You will have zero distractions from colleagues, meetings or calls.
  3. No more procrastination! Work on what you planned to work on by bringing only the things you need.

I challenge you to work in an environment outside of the office once this week. It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for to break free from your creativity or productivity slump.

It can be that simple.


Productivity & Creativity Slumps.

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